Make some noise for BIGO LIVE’s Rap Battle

BIGO LIVE’s recent plan to onboard underground rappers took a new dimension yesterday when BIGO LIVE conducted a Rap Battle for 10 rappers on BIGO LIVE’s property – India Live House.

With the evolution of content industry opening gates to various talent heads and influencers, underground rappers are not far behind . Especially after the movie, GULLY BOY.

MC BFamous underground artists like Radioactive, ELBR X ( Ek Sach, Bura Banne wala hu Fame),), Likhari ( Insaan Fame) , Prashant, Aditya, Naveen, Aena,Moin took part in this battle. The activity took place on India live house from 3-5.30pm on 18 June 2019

Likhari.jpgAenaELBR XOn India live house, all these artists reached out to their fans and supporters and in return got virtual gifts and votes as support! That’s the beauty of BIGO LIVE, it gives you an access to global audience who can vote for you real time. Around 4000 BIGO LIVE users watched these MC’ perform live, at a single point of time and compete with each other through the rap songs. The top 3 winners would get BIGO Dino and BIGO Merchandise as the winning amount!

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Come celebrate 2018 with ‘BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018’

WeChat Image_20181205131211.jpgIt’s almost the end of 2018 & what better way then celebrating this milestone year by awarding the popular bigoers who have made all of us proud.

64 participants would have to go through 5 rounds and the winner gets BIGO Merchandise, gift voucher & a trophy. The battle to fame has already begun and ends on 24 Dec.

3Total 64 participants are being divided into 32 groups. Both the participants of these groups will take part in live polling of 24 hours. They are allotted a slot of half hour each in New Star Live House to appeal for vote. 1 participant of each group with maximum votes will proceed to round 2. The same process would continue till Round 5, where Total 4 participants will be divided in 2 groups. The participants will have to share a vote appeal video on their Facebook profile with Hash Tags allotted by us. Number of likes, comments & shares on their posts will also be counted as votes. 1 participant from both the groups with maximum votes will be declared as the winner of Bigo Popular Choice Award 2018.The winner will be rewarded with trophy, certificate & gift vouchers

BIGO is glad to get immense love and vote appeal during the poll and invites all the users to make it a big hit! Come join this poll and shower love and votes to your favourite host!

1 You can also vote directly by visiting our official page –

Stay tuned for further updates on BIGO Grand Ceremony. Want to be a part of this Grand ceremony? Click, to know more about BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018

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