Meet, Anmol Rodriguez a Fashion educator & Motivational speaker on Bigo Live who is also an acid-attack survivor !

ARAnmol Rodriguez is Fashion educator & a Motivational speaker who conducts knowledge based sessions on Bigo Live and is based out of Mumbai. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves to experiment with clothes and makeup, creating her own unique style.

She is also an influencer and a motivational speaker and has been engaging with her viewers on Bigo Live for over a month now. Anmol holds live sessions from 5pm to 6pm every day. The major topics she covers during her sessions are fashion tips, motivational talks on real life issues , How to stay positive, how to work on your confidence & overcome challenges/ Q/A Sessions, create entertaining content  during these days. Not to miss, she is been focusing on safety measures for Covid-19 as well.

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Catch her live on Bigo Live on Bigo ID : Anmol Rodriguez by downloading the App :