Bigg Boss star Romil Chaudhary now on Bigo Live

Live Streaming Bigo Live

Former Bigg boss star Romil chaudhary, who is a Lawyer by profession who is also a part of Kahan Hum Kahan Tum serial from Star Plus is now actively going LIVE on Bigo Live. Big Boss contestant Romil who just recently joined Bigo Live app is collecting much accolades from his fans on Bigo Live.

He is quite excited to to be a part of one of the leading live streaming app BIGO LIVE as he is quite popular on social media and is an active user himself and joining Bigo Live gives him a real time opportunity to connect and interact with his fans not only in India but globally. He is often seen going live, talking to his fans, giving tips on how to enter the entertainment industry, his experience at Bigg Boss, sharing BTS from his shoot location( Behind the scenes) etc

As per Romil ” I always love to experiment and try various opportunities coming my way. I like moving with time and since now I am a part of entertainment industry and looking at the mushrooming growth of social media and live streaming apps, I myself wanted to be a part of one and ride this online wave. I feel  brands like BIGO is a breeding ground for talent pool for India and especially smaller cities.”

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Borderless Love with BIGO LIVE

CoverIn the world of Dating Apps, where every one wants to ride this online virtual dating wave, Is there any room for true love ? Food for thought!

BIGO LIVE though known for LIVE STREAMING and earning money, a lesser known fact, that it is also known for finding true love and eventually finding your soul mate.

This is what makes us different from rest of the Applications, we not only help people connect and socialise, we do connect them for a lifetime.

Here’s introducing two couples who found their love on BIGO LIVE and decided to get married :

Meet ‘Micky and Rimy’  who hail from Bangalore and Amritsar respectively.Micky n rimy

They met on a friend’s broad, who is a singer and that’s how they started talking over BIGO chat. Initially they did not even share their numbers and used BIGO as a mode of communication.

BIGO LIVE interviewed Micky :

“I used to enjoy coming on BIGO for fun and socialising, but I did not know this is where I will find my life partner. After expressing our feelings to each other on BIGO, I flew down to Amritsar from Bangalore to meet Rimmy’s family and proposed her for marriage.Our marriage is successful today, credits to BIGO LIVE, it gave us immense opportunties to know each other, explore tiny little details about each other. Not only this, but also when BIGO staff showed their presence at our wedding, it simply speaks volumes about BIGO as a brand and how they care about their users. Highly Recommended Application!!”

Introducing, Sayed Fazili from Kashmir and Sadia Ahmad from Lucknow, another couple who met on BIGO LIVE, fell for each other and got married recently.

Mr Sayed says, “It was in November 2016, that we met on BIGO, Sadia used to come on Sadia n Sayedmy broad as she liked my music and gradually we started knowing each other through BIGO inbox chat. Later on, I proposed Sadia on BIGO only, I still remember her beautiful smile as she was blushing due to my romantic gesture.We dated each other for two years and finally got married on 19th June 2018. We beleive in BIGO and help people on BIGO to find their soul mates. Big Thanks to BIGO Team!!”

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Saat Samundar Paar Wali BIGO Love Story

Bigo Live Tv

It is a known fact, applications these days are meant for socialising, interacting and what not. But,in the world of digital dating, there is hardly any love !!

Today, as I write this blog it takes immense pleasure to showcase the world a true BIGO- LOVE STORY

Yes, BIGO as a brand not only does it believe in connecting people, but strongly believes in connecting them for lifetime. So, here’s introducing Raj, a Punjabi munda from San Francisco and Deadlock, a Bengali lady from Guwahati, two Bigoers who met on BIGO App, who gradually fell in love.  Woohoo reminds me of a typical Karan Johar Movie!!

Here’s a glimpse of their world:

So how did you meet your lady love?

Raj:  The time I downloaded Bigo from App Store, little did I think, that I will find the WeChat Image_20180905153419woman of my dreams here. I explored one broad to another, from one person to another. It was interesting to see what people are doing, what their talent is, what their quest was, what their dreams were. Apparently, I found that BIGO as a platform can also be an entry into a whole new world to find my partner.

Tell us more about your first experience on Deadlock’s broad?

Raj: From the moment I visited Deadlock’s broad, the moment I laid my eyes on her, I saw a pretty, yet, a classy lady, sitting with poise, and interacting enthusiastically with people. A couple of minutes were enough to know that she was not new in Bigo. She knew her way around. She knew important people and welcomed them when they came to her broad with a bright, sparkly smile. She used to interact with them with such ease and grace. I thought to myself, should I contact her on chat or should I call her. Though my journey started with sharing virtual gifts to fetch her attention.

Since you both were not in the same country, how did you manage to work on your relationship?

This is digital era, and especially when we are meeting on an application like BIGO LIVE, we used to leverage its benefits to the fullest. We used to live stream, sit on each other’s broad and chat day in day out. It never felt as if we were miles apart. It may sound fancy, but had it not been BIGO LIVE, we would not be knowing each other. Distance means nothing when someone means everything and that is what BIGO stands by.

How different is BIGO App from other Live streaming Apps?

I did not actually believed in the concept of ‘Online Love’till I joined BIGO family. I still remember the time we played PK with each other, with the “10-kiss” punishment. Close friends helped me win and in private broad, amidst those close friends, we shared the first moment which still gives me a shiver down my spine, and goosebumps all over. It was then I realised, that this is no more a crush, or an infatuation. It is love. It is real.

Looking back, would I have changed anything to make it better? No, absolutely not!! I believe in fate more than I believe in God. It was fate that made me come to Bigo. It was God’s grace which made love possible between us through the Bigo app.

I would really like to thank BIGO LIVE for giving momentum to our relationship.

So, guys if you are single and and in search for true love, give BIGO LIVE a try, and you might actually get lucky as well! Haven’t installed the App yet? Install it now!