Celebrate International Women’s Day with BIGO LIVE on 8th March

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Since International Women’s Day is round the corner & BIGO LIVE which is a women centric App and known for empowering women, takes immense pleasure to celebrate 8th March as International women’s day.

Women have been subjugated and suppressed for centuries but the time has changed now drastically. Women all over the world have been fighting a consistent battle for equality. While the battle still continues, yet we continue to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women from all walks of life like Rani Laxmi Bai, Kiran Bedi, Mithali Raj, Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa, Indra Nooyi, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and Priyanka Chopra.

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BIGO LIVE has its own army of wonder women who have come a long way and made all of us proud. Kaur Jee, a BIGO LIVE host, who has a 4 year old baby girl & got divorced from her husband within 4 years of marriage is now earning in Lakhs all by herself by LIVE STREAMING few hours on BIGO LIVE. Dimple D’souza, a youtuber turned into BIGO Broadcaster, she was just a social media enthusiast and now a know BIGO face, lovingly called as ‘Expression Queen’ soon she had more than 1 Lakh followers &started earning well enough. Last but not the least, meet Sabria Karaeen, talent from foreign land & a businesswoman making it big in LIVE STREAMING. Her journey with Bigo started around 5 months back as a host, she is known for her lip-sync and dancing skills and till date she has been enjoying her BIGO experience, so much so, that lately she has started recruitment also. Being new to India and also this industry, she had her own struggle but had overcome them by believing in herself.

Tell us which women inspires you the most and how, & you might just win exciting BIGO LIVE merchandise. Entries start tomorrow on BIGO LIVE India Facebook page!

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BIGO LIVE’s way of celebrating ‘The Week of LOVE’

Bigolive India

With BIGO LIVE, every week is a valentine week. You meet your loved ones online, chat and interact with them. Stay connected 24&7, get access to each other’s LIVE moments. Best part is the gifts that everyone waits for, in this week of February, you get to pester these gifts 24*7 to your loved ones.. On BIGO LIVE, send gifts to your loved ones and celebrate the weak of love throughout the year.

 Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually on February 14. Valentine’s Day is recognised as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world.It evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers and sending greeting cards & gifts.

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BIGO LIVE has seen BIGO  users expressing liking to each other through virtual gifts,falling in love on our App and eventually starting their journey of love by getting married. to name a few couple,we have Fazli and his wife, who met on BIGO LIVE, fell in love and are now happily married and an active part of BIGO LIVE. BIGO LIVE  makes this celebration of love happen realistically and we have witnessed many love stories since last two years.

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Come celebrate 2018 with ‘BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018’

WeChat Image_20181205131211.jpgIt’s almost the end of 2018 & what better way then celebrating this milestone year by awarding the popular bigoers who have made all of us proud.

64 participants would have to go through 5 rounds and the winner gets BIGO Merchandise, gift voucher & a trophy. The battle to fame has already begun and ends on 24 Dec.

3Total 64 participants are being divided into 32 groups. Both the participants of these groups will take part in live polling of 24 hours. They are allotted a slot of half hour each in New Star Live House to appeal for vote. 1 participant of each group with maximum votes will proceed to round 2. The same process would continue till Round 5, where Total 4 participants will be divided in 2 groups. The participants will have to share a vote appeal video on their Facebook profile with Hash Tags allotted by us. Number of likes, comments & shares on their posts will also be counted as votes. 1 participant from both the groups with maximum votes will be declared as the winner of Bigo Popular Choice Award 2018.The winner will be rewarded with trophy, certificate & gift vouchers

BIGO is glad to get immense love and vote appeal during the poll and invites all the users to make it a big hit! Come join this poll and shower love and votes to your favourite host!

1 You can also vote directly by visiting our official page – http://www.facebook.com/InBigoLive

Stay tuned for further updates on BIGO Grand Ceremony. Want to be a part of this Grand ceremony? Click, to know more about BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018

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Come be a part of BIGO LIVE with BIGO wali Diwali !!

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Diwali is a  festival of lights, which is celebrated every year. One of the most popular festivals of Hindu’s, Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.During the celebration, temples, homes, shops and office buildings are brightly illuminated. The preparations, and rituals, for the festival typically last five days, with the climax occurring on the third day.

In order to celebrate these 5 day festivities, BIGO is conducting BIGO Diwali Quiz, starting from 5th November till 9th November .  Quiz will contain total 05 questions. One question will be posted every day starting from 05th November 2018 till 09th November 2018.Every day 2 eligible participants selected by lucky draw will get a chance to win  BIGO LIVE Merchandise. Not only this, but also, 2 eligible participants from overall participation will be selected by lucky draw to win online shopping vouchers worth Rs. 2,100. BIGO India, is celebrating Diwali 2K18 with much fun and frolic.

BIGO employees were given Bigo merchandise comprising BIGO T-shirts and BIGO dino along with chocolate hampers to celebrate this festival of happiness and joy.

BIGO as a brand, believes in connecting people so that  they can have their share of cheer and joy. Come show maximum participation and win exciting gift vouchers!

Bigo family wishing you all a very prosperous and safe Diwali 🙂

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This Diwali revisit your childhood with BIGO PLAY

WeChat Image_20181031120522BIGO LIVE, the fastest growing entertainment video live streaming app, is proud to announce its new feature support for all gaming enthusiasts. All gamers have been waiting for a proper game-play feature, and now it’s available on BIGO LIVE.

As mentioned, due to large public demand and the growing trend in live-streaming games, many BIGO LIVE users have used the service to share their video gaming sessions to an audience.

This Diwali BIGO LIVE is adding three fun games in its kitty: Bigo Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, last but not the least Sheep Battle Game.  All of us have fond childhood memories attached with Diwali. Playing Ludo, Snakes & Ladders during Diwali vacation with friends and family is one such fond memory which everybody cherishes. Diwali festivities are known for bringing happiness and joy by bringing people together.  And so does, BIGO LIVE as a brand, strongly believes in connecting people.

It is just not another gaming feature. Not only can a user play these games, but can also simultaneously send gifts, chat, take screenshots etc. Even if you do not wish to play the game, but just see how the players are playing, BIGO enables its audience to see it as well! Moreover, you can make it more fun by inviting your friends to play games with you. These BIGO games have simple game rules mentioned, which makes it easy for any amateur/newcomer.

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Talking about BIGO LUDO, the most popular BIGO game where you will find the maximum players. Ludo, as a commonly known game is a hit amongst masses, BIGO live has given its online touch to it by enabling multi player and live broadcasting it to audience, while you can also share it.

Fond of games ?? What are you waiting for ?? Come celebrate Diwali with BIGO LIVE and invite your near and dears for such fun filled games !

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Borderless Love with BIGO LIVE

CoverIn the world of Dating Apps, where every one wants to ride this online virtual dating wave, Is there any room for true love ? Food for thought!

BIGO LIVE though known for LIVE STREAMING and earning money, a lesser known fact, that it is also known for finding true love and eventually finding your soul mate.

This is what makes us different from rest of the Applications, we not only help people connect and socialise, we do connect them for a lifetime.

Here’s introducing two couples who found their love on BIGO LIVE and decided to get married :

Meet ‘Micky and Rimy’  who hail from Bangalore and Amritsar respectively.Micky n rimy

They met on a friend’s broad, who is a singer and that’s how they started talking over BIGO chat. Initially they did not even share their numbers and used BIGO as a mode of communication.

BIGO LIVE interviewed Micky :

“I used to enjoy coming on BIGO for fun and socialising, but I did not know this is where I will find my life partner. After expressing our feelings to each other on BIGO, I flew down to Amritsar from Bangalore to meet Rimmy’s family and proposed her for marriage.Our marriage is successful today, credits to BIGO LIVE, it gave us immense opportunties to know each other, explore tiny little details about each other. Not only this, but also when BIGO staff showed their presence at our wedding, it simply speaks volumes about BIGO as a brand and how they care about their users. Highly Recommended Application!!”

Introducing, Sayed Fazili from Kashmir and Sadia Ahmad from Lucknow, another couple who met on BIGO LIVE, fell for each other and got married recently.

Mr Sayed says, “It was in November 2016, that we met on BIGO, Sadia used to come on Sadia n Sayedmy broad as she liked my music and gradually we started knowing each other through BIGO inbox chat. Later on, I proposed Sadia on BIGO only, I still remember her beautiful smile as she was blushing due to my romantic gesture.We dated each other for two years and finally got married on 19th June 2018. We beleive in BIGO and help people on BIGO to find their soul mates. Big Thanks to BIGO Team!!”

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Stay connected with BIGO LIVE and you can win smartphones, mobile phone accessories, cash prize & gift vouchers

1.pngIndia, a land rich of festivities and celebrations, believes in uniting together and that’s what actual celebration is all about.

BIGO LIVE, a live streaming App, is gaining popularity all over the globe, as it stands for uniting people all over the world, breaking diversities and making new people meet. That is what celebration stands for!!

BIGO as a brand, strongly believes in staying connected to its users by conducting various fun-filled and exiting challenges, quiz, events and concerts . This Ganesh Chaturthi BIGO India distributed Honor 7A phones to the winners who participated in  In-App games. BIGO LIVE India keeps conducting campaigns and fun based challenges wherein users get a chance to participate and win oodles of goodies, earphones, smartphones, cash prizes, and gift vouchers. Not only this, but also BIGO as a brand believes in Co-creation. In today’s time of fierce competition where the customer is the ultimate KING, a brand has to keep its user base as the central and focal point. BIGO INDIA in conjunction with its user base decided to come up with a slogan for the brand BIGO. The best ‘slogan entry’ provided by the bigoers is entitled to a gift voucher/cash prize.

Independence – Day, is one such occasion where unity amongst Indians is worth watching, which was very much evident amongst BIGOers too. #BigodilseAzaad, an I-Day campaign run by BIGO India got massive response and the winner won a gift voucher worth INR 5000 and BIGO also distributed 11, Honor smartphones.

BIGO is for the people, by the people. Conducting User engagement activities helps us stay connected to our people and during ‘HQ Trivia’ quiz for the users, we distributed rewards up-to INR 5Lac

All in all, BIGO as a live streaming App, not only does it enables  earning money, but also you can win exiting gifts and cash prizes. Stay tuned for further events and campaigns, you might get lucky with an Iphone.

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