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Read the inspiring story of a young Tarot Card Reader Surbhi Chugh based in Delhi

Bigo Tv“My journey to the spiritual world started 5 years back, having come from a reputed family of Rohtak, settling my base in Delhi was undoubtedly challenging, yet worth it!”

My first encounter with the spiritual world happened, when I first thought of getting astrology done for myself. I had got Tarot card reading done for myself initially, gradually I felt every prediction turned out to be true. That’s when I realised I would like to pursue this art form and make my career in the same.

BIGO LIVE India interviewed Ms Surbhi, here’s a glimpse into her world :

Bigo Live India

What all do you practise ?

Surbhi Chugh: Over the years, I have taught myself other aspects of astrology and continue to be both a student and mentor with a thirst for spiritual knowledge in the field of astrology. I started with Tarot card reading, healing, and gradually moved on to other forms of astrology.

How did you come to know about BIGO LIVE ?

Surbhi Chugh: I always wanted to expand my reach, reach out to new people and wanted to explore ‘Online‘ world too. My friend suggested me to join BIGO LIVE as I could see, it is not only a Live Streaming Platform but also helps you earn money.I realised soon after joining it, what better platform in ‘Online Territory‘ than BIGO to showcase your talent to the world.

How did the ‘ BIGO Audio Live’ feature help you make your clientele ?Bigo live India

Surbhi Chugh: Though we are in the 21st century, yet people are reluctant to use online services and reveal their identity. For anybody, who wishes to talk/communicate/avail any service yet shy and unwilling to show their faces, for them Audio Feature is the best thing possible. People actually feel more comfortable, this helps us doing our job better.

After joining this platform, I could actually connect with larger pool of audience, give them tips, break the myths around astrology and Tarot card reading, could actually guide those in need.

Do you see a change in your level of popularity and reach ?

Surbhi Chugh: A biiigggg Yes!! I have been getting calls/ enquiries/ appointments from all across India now for Tarot reading and people now know who Surbhi Chugh is! It has not only given a boost to my popularity but also my income and confidence to choose this as profession.

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