Love at first sight is a passé, Ever heard of love at first voice ?? Say Hello to ‘voice’ feature by BIGO LIVE

Voice datingJust when you thought everything has been tried & tested when it comes to dating app features, this feature of ‘voice’ is gaining all the attention for right reasons. Instead of showing your face to a stranger, you can start interacting with your voice to woo a potential match. After all, it’s all about voice & we are living in the world of Alexa’s and  Echo’s !!

BIGO LIVE’s recent feature of ‘voice’ enables strangers to know each other without sharing their faces online, you get connected on a call with a person from opposite gender. Initially, you get 60 seconds to know about each other. If you like the person, go-ahead & click the heart button at the bottom. If the other person also likes it, congratulations, you have a MATCH.  If not, you can strike LEFT to get more matches

WeChat Image_20190327170210Basically, think of your voice recording as a verbal version of the written profile you have on other dating sites and apps. The more engaging your voice is, level of excitement you show to other person and most importantly how entertaining you can make the conversation, that’s all it takes!

Join BIGO LIVE and you might as well get lucky with voice dating

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