How a 74 Year old ‘Tauji’ became a BIGO LIVE sensation

BIGO LIVE has started a wave of ‘ Rise of Social Seniors’

Live streaming App these days are youth driven !! And why not, don’t we like to see youngsters pepped up with energy and thrill ?? But what is the point of an online platform which is not open to all ? That is the entire beauty of  ‘BIGO LIVE’ Application!! We have BIGO users  from 15 year old till 74 year old broadcasting their fun moments.

Meet Mr. JL Bajaj ( BIGO Name : Tau Ji) , he hails from Delhi ( Rajouri Garden) and has been LIVE streaming since 2017 on BIGO LIVE. He firmly believes ‘age is just a no. and so does everybody should’. His vivacious aura makes us believe that one should be ‘Dil se Jawan’ ! BIGO LIVE’s team had real fun interviewing him :

Creative“Tauji uses BIGO LIVE for socialising,  gapp-shapp and to interact with youngsters around,but also like-aged people across countries. His best friend is Babaji (Bigo Name) who hails from Pakistan (72 Year old) and Dadaji (Bigo Name), who is from Gujarat, India (68 Year old). But it is not as easy as it seems. A few Youngsters make fun of him, post negative comments, but Tauji still manages to make them, his fan by his sheer passion for live streaming.A lot of youngsters now wait for him to come LIVE and find his broadcast a delight to watch. Moreover, Tauji find BIGO an alternate source of earning money after his retirement.”

We believe that such an enriching experiencing would definitely help the youth of India. Elderly people are new to the internet, want to explore this online wave but find it hard to, so we’d encourage people to help older friends or family who need support getting connected on BIGO LIVE

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