Catch MTV Splitsvilla fame Ranji Chopra LIVE on BIGO LIVE

WeChat Image_20190731123458.pngRanji Chopra, who was a wildcard participant in Splitsvilla 2017 and came through MTV Battleground is a known lifestyle influencer in social media space. Ranji is also known for her gig in MTV Love school 2 and is currently a jury of beauty peagents.

Ranji who is just 25 years old, hails from Rajasthan and has her schooling from mostly abroad. Within a time span of 3 months, Ranji has around 62K fans on BIGO LIVE and one can frequently see her live streaming on BIGO LIVE around 8pm every evening. She is known for her belly dancing skills and entertainment factor!


BIGO LIVE which is the broadcasting services of BIGO TECHNOLOGY also has LIKEE ( a short video making App) and IMO ( Instant communication App) as other verticals.

Catch Ranji LIVE with her dancing skills and expressions on BIGO LIVE


BIGG BOSS Star Akash Dadlani now on BIGO LIVE !!

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Akash Dadlani is a rapper cum singer born in USA, Texas who had participated in BIGG BOSS 11 and have sung famous songs for Bollywood. Before entering this reality show, he had already gained popularity due to his singing skills and his fans call him as A-Cash. Lesser known fact is that he is also a sportsperson and  a businessman and has worked with famous singers like Meet Brothers and Sukhwinder singh.

Akash joined BIGO LIVE quite recently in June and has been using this platform to showcase his rap skills and he loves entertaining his fans and global audience through BIGO LIVE.

Aakash-dadlaniIn today’s time, when the video content streaming Apps are on a rise, Akash wanted to explore this online wave and feels by doing so, he would be more connected to his fans and one should always move with time hence as an artist, exploring upcoming trends and opportunities in social media landscape is a must.. He often keeps travelling for his tours and music shows, but somewhere felt the connect with a large audience was missing. Akash feels he can live stream his LIVE moments even while travelling, can entertain his fans and supporters 24*7, without any place restraint and mainly socialise with his fans over calls and can also take part in PK Battle with them one-on-one ! He is a true entertainer and he keeps getting love and support from his fans on BIGO LIVE with the help of virtual gifts. As per him if you have the talent, BIGO LIVE is the right platform for you!He enjoys watching other fellow BIGO LIVE users too! In a span of one month he has around 4.23K fans already on BIGO LIVE !

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This fan group is a unique interactive function between the fans and your favourite broadcasters. If you want to be more loyal towards your broadcaster, by also gaining exclusive fan medals, fan privileges,you must join this fan group. Joining this fan group, will get you more attention from your favourite broadcasters.

Be a part of daily interesting  loyalty tasks, which also helps a fan increase his/her level to unlock more privileges. Get a chance to increase your loyalty daily up to 20,000 points, by participating in this monthly fan group battle!Not only this, but the broadcaster will get  2*X beans as rewards, for that the broadcaster should have more than 30 hours ( throughout 20 days ) of valid broadcast time, and  X new users joining the fan group in the month.

Steps for creating a fan group –

Firstly, you can have your own fan group once you are a BIGO LIVE host.

  1. Unlock fan medal function in “Profile”
  2. Even broadcasters can join the fan group of other broadcasters
  3. Click on the ‘Fan Group’ of the data card in the broadcasting room
  4. You can then join the broadcaster’s fan group at 10 diamonds

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Good News for all BIGO & Tech lovers !! Singapore based BIGO Technology announces 100 Million $ Investment in India

Bigo Technology is on a roll. After raising $272 million in Series-D funding , the live streaming  platform has now announced it will open regional centres in three major regions in the world before the end of this year, starting with India.


This step would make BIGO TECHNOLOGY ( BIGO LIVE’s parent organisation) the first Singapore Internet company to step into the global arena and take significant steps to be a leader in the live streaming industry. Besides India, it plans to expand in the Middle East and the US.

With over 40 patents in VoIP/Video related technology and over 60 patents are under the process of application, BIGO Technology is one of the major companies globally in field of app development and publishing of apps.

Jason HU – CTO, BIGO Technology stated that India being the second largest market for smartphones, the growing Internet infrastructure and the blooming young population are the three key points to make this decisionWe are truly humble by the Indian people and their diversified culture. We strive to make the voice of the GREAT INDIA be heard by the world, and we’re making it come true with our new centre and seeking partnership with government.” Jason said.

WeChat Image_20190220145218

Soon the company will start its regional centre in India and will be creating employment opportunities for more than 1000 tech professionals. As per Mr. Hu, India has a strong culturally driven and diversified population & hence India is the best fit for future investments. Due to the technology employed and artificial Intelligence the app utilises, BIGO LIVE as a brand believes that this technology would be beneficial to not only BIGO LIVE but also other companies.

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Come celebrate 2018 with ‘BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018’

WeChat Image_20181205131211.jpgIt’s almost the end of 2018 & what better way then celebrating this milestone year by awarding the popular bigoers who have made all of us proud.

64 participants would have to go through 5 rounds and the winner gets BIGO Merchandise, gift voucher & a trophy. The battle to fame has already begun and ends on 24 Dec.

3Total 64 participants are being divided into 32 groups. Both the participants of these groups will take part in live polling of 24 hours. They are allotted a slot of half hour each in New Star Live House to appeal for vote. 1 participant of each group with maximum votes will proceed to round 2. The same process would continue till Round 5, where Total 4 participants will be divided in 2 groups. The participants will have to share a vote appeal video on their Facebook profile with Hash Tags allotted by us. Number of likes, comments & shares on their posts will also be counted as votes. 1 participant from both the groups with maximum votes will be declared as the winner of Bigo Popular Choice Award 2018.The winner will be rewarded with trophy, certificate & gift vouchers

BIGO is glad to get immense love and vote appeal during the poll and invites all the users to make it a big hit! Come join this poll and shower love and votes to your favourite host!

1 You can also vote directly by visiting our official page –

Stay tuned for further updates on BIGO Grand Ceremony. Want to be a part of this Grand ceremony? Click, to know more about BIGO Popular Choice Award 2018

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BIGO LIVE giving your unheard voices a global platform!

Give your unheard voices a stage. Make your unsung journeys the hero. Reveal your DNA in a fresh new light. Go beyond showcasing mere potential to celebrate what’s truly possible. Begin from where others conclude.

WeChat Image_20181128121328.jpg

Meet Rini Chandra, BIGO Live’s singing sensation who blew everyone with her first performance and became the spotlight of  of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singing reality show. Also known as  ‘Live Basanti’ by the judges . Rini is not only known for her multi-talented personality in India but also in various countries & sung for popular serials like ‘Ek Veer ki Ardaas Veera’ & also acted in various serials like ‘Yam hai Hum’. She has also been the winner of Red FM Idol(93.1) in Vancouver, Canada – 2009.

Rini joined BIGO LIVE in September and uses BIGO Live streaming platform to connect with a global audience while sitting at home! She does stage shows, events all  over the world and gets connected to her fans and followers on BIGO LIVE. The best part, fans do not have to spend ooodlessss of moneeeeyyyy on buying tickets to her stage shows. You can connect to Rini in person via BIGO LIVE, chat with her, see her perform real time and send her your love via virtual gifts.

BIGO LIVE interviewed Rini Chandra & found out that, she has learnt Hindustani classical singing in Canada for 3 years under Guruji Shri Devendra Hundle ji. Her dad  was not very supportive of her singing.  After Winning Red FM Idol (93.1) his Guruji contacted Rini and was keen on training her. She still takes singing lessons from him over Skype or call.

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Bigo Icon

Ever wondered what is Azaadi?To some its freedom to live on their own terms, to some its freedom to perform, to some its freedom to interact and stay connected. Well, isn’t this synonymous with live streaming??

Today, we are  proud as  Indians, as anyone could be. However, I want an India which has border-less talent and takes pride in its identity. As much as we would love to have platform for these talented people, the reality is do we have such platforms? Are these platforms accessible to all??

Ever heard of any application which not only gives you a platform to showcase your passion, but also enables you to make a living out of it. Isn’t this modern day Azaadi?

Eureka! Welcome to the World of Bigo!!

BIGO LIVE gives its users a real-time platform to not only perform but also find, connect, and share their interests, thoughts, and activity through a feature-rich interface.

We’re talking about an app that’s just over two years old but claims to have more than 225 million downloads worldwide. To put that in context: That’s bigger than Twitter in India and close to Snapchat worldwide. Targeted towards the region’s young and affluent digitally active social community, the popular video streaming App has reached new heights as a global brand and is becoming a hub for live video broadcasting for the entire world with an impressive number of downloads on both Google Play as well as the Apple App Store, since its launch earlier last year.

Though the nation has become free from the shackles of British ages ago, yet many of us are still held captive by the boundaries of our society, lack of confidence & fear to showcase our hidden talents. So, are we really free and Independent ?? Food for thought!

Let’s take this day to pledge to be azaad dil se, by empowering ourselves to showcase our talents by breaking the barriers, to the world out there.

Let’s embrace the Indianess in all of ourselves! Happy Independence #BigoDilSeAzaad#BigoEmpoweringPowerWithin


Saat Samundar Paar Wali BIGO Love Story

1It is a known fact, applications these days are meant for socialising, interacting and what not. But,in the world of digital dating, there is hardly any love !!

Today, as I write this blog it takes immense pleasure to showcase the world a true BIGO- LOVE STORY

Yes, BIGO as a brand not only does it believe in connecting people, but strongly believes in connecting them for lifetime. So, here’s introducing Raj, a Punjabi munda from San Francisco and Deadlock, a Bengali lady from Guwahati, two Bigoers who met on BIGO App, who gradually fell in love.  Woohoo reminds me of a typical Karan Johar Movie!!

Here’s a glimpse of their world:

So how did you meet your lady love?

Raj:  The time I downloaded Bigo from App Store, little did I think, that I will find the WeChat Image_20180905153419woman of my dreams here. I explored one broad to another, from one person to another. It was interesting to see what people are doing, what their talent is, what their quest was, what their dreams were. Apparently, I found that BIGO as a platform can also be an entry into a whole new world to find my partner.

Tell us more about your first experience on Deadlock’s broad?

Raj: From the moment I visited Deadlock’s broad, the moment I laid my eyes on her, I saw a pretty, yet, a classy lady, sitting with poise, and interacting enthusiastically with people. A couple of minutes were enough to know that she was not new in Bigo. She knew her way around. She knew important people and welcomed them when they came to her broad with a bright, sparkly smile. She used to interact with them with such ease and grace. I thought to myself, should I contact her on chat or should I call her. Though my journey started with sharing virtual gifts to fetch her attention.

Since you both were not in the same country, how did you manage to work on your relationship?

This is digital era, and especially when we are meeting on an application like BIGO LIVE, we used to leverage its benefits to the fullest. We used to live stream, sit on each other’s broad and chat day in day out. It never felt as if we were miles apart. It may sound fancy, but had it not been BIGO LIVE, we would not be knowing each other. Distance means nothing when someone means everything and that is what BIGO stands by.

How different is BIGO App from other Live streaming Apps?

I did not actually believed in the concept of ‘Online Love’till I joined BIGO family. I still remember the time we played PK with each other, with the “10-kiss” punishment. Close friends helped me win and in private broad, amidst those close friends, we shared the first moment which still gives me a shiver down my spine, and goosebumps all over. It was then I realised, that this is no more a crush, or an infatuation. It is love. It is real.

Looking back, would I have changed anything to make it better? No, absolutely not!! I believe in fate more than I believe in God. It was fate that made me come to Bigo. It was God’s grace which made love possible between us through the Bigo app.

I would really like to thank BIGO LIVE for giving momentum to our relationship.

So, guys if you are single and and in search for true love, give BIGO LIVE a try, and you might actually get lucky as well! Haven’t installed the App yet? Install it now!