Meet Magic Tamizha, a young Magician cum Mentalist from Chennai who is wooing everyone by his magic on Bigo Live

Bigo name :Magic Tamizha  (Bigo ID: 306276057)

Bigo Live ShowMagic is the most unbelievable thing ever. Whenever we watch a magic show, it leaves us wondering how did they do it. Bringing you a story of a magician cum mentalist & now a Bigo Live host who is one of the most prominent magicians of India and showcases mind reading demonstrations via Bigo App

Meet, Magic Tamizha, from Chennai, India ,who is just 21 Years old & performing magic & mentalism for the past 8 years. An Engineering student, who is also a professional corporate entertainer & performed in lots of corporate events (For Decathlon, Axis & SBI Bank, Astra Zeneca etc) as well as private commercial gigs. Magic Tamizha is the only magician ever since who acted as a magician in the Tamil commercial movie called Cinderella. which is soon to be released.His expertise lies in interactive close-up magic & dynamic mind reading! He specializes in closeup magic(magic in your hands) and mental illutions( he can tell what you think!). He had developed his interest in magic since childhood. He used some tricks when he was just a child. As he grew up, his interest in magic grew as well. He read and learned through the books about magic. He also mastered the art of storytelling, which he could use during his gigs, by mixing Psychology of human mind and magic to one and making it an extraordinary art & that’s how he became a mentalist who could read minds and perform magic. Initially, he faced a lot of challenges, as he was completely an amateur and a self learner & used to spend loads of hours to master his magic craft.  He kept on performing in small shows with meagre fees, so that atleast he can support his family expenses.Magic Tamizha belongs to a growing tribe of young magicians who have ditched classic Indian acts which used balls, hats and ropes for digital effects and instead focus on mind reading tricks and study behaviour.

He wanted to try the online wave and that brought him to Bigo Live.He Says “ I have been performing for crowd, in college fest, at corporate gigs, but what next ?? I feel live streaming Apps ( due to ability to stream real time) have replaced assistants who would lie down on swords or help the magician as he pulled a rabbit out of a black hat. I feel those,who cannot afford tickets to enjoy magic shows, I can still reach out to them via Bigo App and continue to fascinate them. My dream is to showcase my magic skills to a global audience and make everyone believe that magic do exist and with Bigo I can do that just at sitting at my home. Isn’t that magic itself ? Moreover, magic has always been uni-directional. I see a lot of youngsters, asking me questions and logics behind a particular trick, and two way communication via Bigo helps me reach out to them. In India, till today the conventional careers are given much more weightage than magic. Even if I am able to inspire one person and turn him to a magician, my job is done”

Today, Magic Tamizha is performing all over India & is a reknown magician from South India who always perform magic with BORROWED things like coins,rings,glasses,pens etc, so it increases the trust factor of people. He has the ability to crack you phone PIN CODE & his magic acts with Rubik cube leaves the audience spellbound. He is one of the members of Tamil Nadu Magic Network (TMN) & Young Indian Magician Society ( YIF)

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Meet The Badass Robin Batta Who Believes in Breaking Stereotypes

Isn’t it inspiring to know that we are surrounded by people who follow their instincts, go against odds to pursue what they love and eventually end up being masters in what they do.

What we might disregard as a profession/hobby by simply tagging as ” Kitni kamai hojaegi isse ?” might actually turn into an art earning millions of money.

It is not the talent which is missing ! But, acceptance to change is! We keep telling our children, “Sharma Ji ki Beti ko dekho,itni successful hai”  but restrict our own loved ones from following their dream. What an irony.

Bigo StreamingRobin Batta is the man who chose to follow his passion and carve a path for himself. He hails from the very famous city Ludhiana in the state of Punjab.His success story has not been easy. He always wanted to be there, interact with youngsters ( Fans now turned into clientele), educate them about this  art, break the myths related to getting inked but did not have ample funds to open a tattoo parlor.

BIGO LIVE India interviewed Robin at BIGO LIVE Gurgaon’s office, where not only did he share his experience as a Bigo user but also showed his creativity on BIGO Employees:


Bigo Live TvTell us your journey so far :

Robbin: I came across BIGO LIVE, started live streaming my art of tattoo creativity and fortunately success since then is inevitable. I enjoyed interacting with users in real-time. My ‘Kala’ like they say,which stayed in the locales of Ludhiana is now being seen by the entire world.

With each passing day, I am not only gaining recognition through BIGO LIVE  platform, but also earning good for myself.

How did BIGO Live help you in your profession ?

Robbin:See, I wanted a non-conventional, modern day platform which helped me not only  showcase what I do but also earn quick money out of it and through that only I used to avail BIGO App features by chatting with BIGO users, they asked my their queries asked for my contact details used to come on my broads, give me feedback, which eventually helped me polish my skills.Today, I am a known face on BIGO LIVE & it helped me as a freelancer travelling all over India. I would give BIGO LIVE substantial credit for my clientele base.

Have you seen any change in your level of income after joining BIGO ?Bigo Tv

Robbin: Bigo live is the most versatile live streaming application for my tattoo business, It has actually given a boost to my monthly income. Before joining this platform, my monthly income used to be 10k to 20k, but now I earn 45k to 70k+

All in all,if you have the right skill-set, we are the right platform for you!! Install BIGO LIVE today to unleash your art and take it to new heights.