Join hands with BIGO LIVE and earn in Lakhs from your home only

Do you know, just by following your passion and not restricting yourself to a typical ‘9-5’ job, you can earn millions of money, that too just by simply sitting at home!! BIGO LIVE is giving alternate and innovative avenues of earning money to its users to earn huge bucks. Yes, you do not need any certification, no professional qualification, just ‘passion and talent’ to engage audience is what is needed!!!

Gone are the days when conventional professions like MBA and Engineering used to be in demand and were known for huge packages.

What we might simply disregard as a profession/hobby by simply tagging as ”Kitni kamai hojaegi isse ?” might actually turn into an art earning millions of money.

It is not the talent which is missing, but acceptance to change is! We keep telling our children, “Sharma Ji ki Beti ko dekho,itni successful hai  but restrict our own loved ones from following their dream. What an irony. Time has come to tell the world, we can earn more than what Sharma Ji ki beti is earning!! (Pun Intended)

Who would have thought that following your passion via LIVE STREAMING would someday enable earnings more than what a regular corporate professional earns. Not to forget, FAME and FANS and GLOBAL STARDOM is some of the many perks that one can get on BIGO LIVE !!

Today, as I pen down my thoughts, it takes immense pleasure to speak about  BIGO LIVE’S top three broadcasters who have made it big and are an inspiration to all of us.

1.jpgTop 1 Broadcaster – Ms Natasha Saikia (Bigo Name: RajDeadlock, Fans: 2.08Million) 28 year old from Guwahati, Assam, a lawyer by profession and is earning few lakhs on BIGO LIVE by live streaming & connecting to fans

Top 2 Broadcaster – Ms Aliza, Fans: 7.2 Million from Mumbai, just by coming on BIGO LIVE  is earning hefty amount of money, more than what she was earning in her job. You need not have a professional degree/certification but talent to entertain people and yes, this is what it takes to be a star.

Top 3 Broadcaster – Ms Manata (Bigo Name: Mahi Queen, Fans: 743K) 21 Year oldfrom Haryana, currently a student and is earning approx a Lakh every month. She is a known face not only on BIGO but also in her hometown, at such young age, she has started earning and supports her family.

BIGO LIVE, has its users from all walks of life. Some are working professionals, some are highly educated, some know the art of engaging people through Live Streaming and some have the passion to showcase their talent, this is exactly what it needs to make it big and become a star!! Today, it is them, tomorrow it can be any of us!!

So guys,  BIGO LIVE apart from LIVE STREAMING, gives you a part time job to earn money but also gives you a platform to showcase your talent globally and become an internet sensation.

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Stay connected with BIGO LIVE and you can win smartphones, mobile phone accessories, cash prize & gift vouchers

1.pngIndia, a land rich of festivities and celebrations, believes in uniting together and that’s what actual celebration is all about.

BIGO LIVE, a live streaming App, is gaining popularity all over the globe, as it stands for uniting people all over the world, breaking diversities and making new people meet. That is what celebration stands for!!

BIGO as a brand, strongly believes in staying connected to its users by conducting various fun-filled and exiting challenges, quiz, events and concerts . This Ganesh Chaturthi BIGO India distributed Honor 7A phones to the winners who participated in  In-App games. BIGO LIVE India keeps conducting campaigns and fun based challenges wherein users get a chance to participate and win oodles of goodies, earphones, smartphones, cash prizes, and gift vouchers. Not only this, but also BIGO as a brand believes in Co-creation. In today’s time of fierce competition where the customer is the ultimate KING, a brand has to keep its user base as the central and focal point. BIGO INDIA in conjunction with its user base decided to come up with a slogan for the brand BIGO. The best ‘slogan entry’ provided by the bigoers is entitled to a gift voucher/cash prize.

Independence – Day, is one such occasion where unity amongst Indians is worth watching, which was very much evident amongst BIGOers too. #BigodilseAzaad, an I-Day campaign run by BIGO India got massive response and the winner won a gift voucher worth INR 5000 and BIGO also distributed 11, Honor smartphones.

BIGO is for the people, by the people. Conducting User engagement activities helps us stay connected to our people and during ‘HQ Trivia’ quiz for the users, we distributed rewards up-to INR 5Lac

All in all, BIGO as a live streaming App, not only does it enables  earning money, but also you can win exiting gifts and cash prizes. Stay tuned for further events and campaigns, you might get lucky with an Iphone.

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