Borderless Love with BIGO LIVE

CoverIn the world of Dating Apps, where every one wants to ride this online virtual dating wave, Is there any room for true love ? Food for thought!

BIGO LIVE though known for LIVE STREAMING and earning money, a lesser known fact, that it is also known for finding true love and eventually finding your soul mate.

This is what makes us different from rest of the Applications, we not only help people connect and socialise, we do connect them for a lifetime.

Here’s introducing two couples who found their love on BIGO LIVE and decided to get married :

Meet ‘Micky and Rimy’  who hail from Bangalore and Amritsar respectively.Micky n rimy

They met on a friend’s broad, who is a singer and that’s how they started talking over BIGO chat. Initially they did not even share their numbers and used BIGO as a mode of communication.

BIGO LIVE interviewed Micky :

“I used to enjoy coming on BIGO for fun and socialising, but I did not know this is where I will find my life partner. After expressing our feelings to each other on BIGO, I flew down to Amritsar from Bangalore to meet Rimmy’s family and proposed her for marriage.Our marriage is successful today, credits to BIGO LIVE, it gave us immense opportunties to know each other, explore tiny little details about each other. Not only this, but also when BIGO staff showed their presence at our wedding, it simply speaks volumes about BIGO as a brand and how they care about their users. Highly Recommended Application!!”

Introducing, Sayed Fazili from Kashmir and Sadia Ahmad from Lucknow, another couple who met on BIGO LIVE, fell for each other and got married recently.

Mr Sayed says, “It was in November 2016, that we met on BIGO, Sadia used to come on Sadia n Sayedmy broad as she liked my music and gradually we started knowing each other through BIGO inbox chat. Later on, I proposed Sadia on BIGO only, I still remember her beautiful smile as she was blushing due to my romantic gesture.We dated each other for two years and finally got married on 19th June 2018. We beleive in BIGO and help people on BIGO to find their soul mates. Big Thanks to BIGO Team!!”

Guys, have not found your soulmate yet?? What are you waiting for ?? Go install BIGO LIVE App right now!

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