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Ever wondered what is Azaadi?To some its freedom to live on their own terms, to some its freedom to perform, to some its freedom to interact and stay connected. Well, isn’t this synonymous with live streaming??

Today, we are  proud as  Indians, as anyone could be. However, I want an India which has border-less talent and takes pride in its identity. As much as we would love to have platform for these talented people, the reality is do we have such platforms? Are these platforms accessible to all??

Ever heard of any application which not only gives you a platform to showcase your passion, but also enables you to make a living out of it. Isn’t this modern day Azaadi?

Eureka! Welcome to the World of Bigo!!

BIGO LIVE gives its users a real-time platform to not only perform but also find, connect, and share their interests, thoughts, and activity through a feature-rich interface.

We’re talking about an app that’s just over two years old but claims to have more than 225 million downloads worldwide. To put that in context: That’s bigger than Twitter in India and close to Snapchat worldwide. Targeted towards the region’s young and affluent digitally active social community, the popular video streaming App has reached new heights as a global brand and is becoming a hub for live video broadcasting for the entire world with an impressive number of downloads on both Google Play as well as the Apple App Store, since its launch earlier last year.

Though the nation has become free from the shackles of British ages ago, yet many of us are still held captive by the boundaries of our society, lack of confidence & fear to showcase our hidden talents. So, are we really free and Independent ?? Food for thought!

Let’s take this day to pledge to be azaad dil se, by empowering ourselves to showcase our talents by breaking the barriers, to the world out there.

Let’s embrace the Indianess in all of ourselves! Happy Independence #BigoDilSeAzaad#BigoEmpoweringPowerWithin


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