Battle of Talent Agencies

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So here is the time of the year again!! Every year BIGO celebrates an official ceremony by inviting all our hosts, broadcasters, agencies,media and PR Agencies. BIGO as a brand, believes in acknowledging the efforts and awarding those connected with us.

A big shout out to all the Agencies who would like to be a part of BIGO Grand Ceremony scheduled for January 2019. BIGO LIVE is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary Ceremony, by asking all the agencies to be a part of this battle. Top 10 Agencies will get a chance to join the Grand Ceremony & Top 3 Agencies will get a trophy of BIGO Grand Ceremony.

Lets get introduced to some interesting rules :

There will be two rounds in the battle. In the first round 12 hosts from each agency will participate & their total points will be calculated.All the rounds of PK will be for 10 minutes ( NO Punishment round). Top four agency with the highest PK points will face each other in the finale where Top 1,2,3 will be decided based on the PK points.Three participants from each agency team will participate in the final PK round.

Stay tuned for further updates. The month of Dec would be full of fun-filled activities and the winners would be awarded at the Grand Ceremony.

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